Post production of our latest feature film : Stunning Media Corporation

Post production of our latest feature film

“Release from Heaven” is a feature animated film directed by Ali Noori Oskouei and produced by Stunning Media and Eshragh Animation Company. This film is about Sareh, a school teacher who writes comic strips. Due to a happening, she has to start a journey with two of her students to take them to their fathers. During the journey she tries to make them calm by telling them a part of the last story she has written. Regarding that the story is sort of related to her own past and nostalgia she herself gets submerged in it as well as the kids.
In the middle of their journey they discover a cave which has been in Sareh’s childhood imagination and she had described it in her story. However the discovery of this cave in real world makes her realize a truth about her childhood and makes her love the hero of her story.
She finds out that the man who is the hero of her story is not just an imaginary person but a real character that had made her childhood world beautiful with his kind behavior and nice stories.
Now she has just realized that her heaven like daily life is no longer attractive to her and she is determined to embrace the hardships and find her lost hero along with the search of her students’ fathers; unaware of the fact that she herself is becoming a hero for her students by her behavior and stories just like her own childhood hero with whom she had gone on a journey.
The film is in post-production phase and being dubbed into English by a professional team in America.