Eshragh, heading new horizons : Stunning Media Corporation

Eshragh, heading new horizons


Previously, Eshragh has produced joint projects with an American film production company, Stunning Media Co, which have attracted American and European producers. And now, after examining many companies in Asia, Stunning Media decided to expand ties with Eshragh.
Stunning Media is a California based production company which is known as one of the leading producers of entertainment industry by running a wide of range of production from low budget projects to big productions including live and animated feature films, short films, TV series, commercials, visual effects, documentaries and game demos. Regarding the comparably low budget of production, Stunning Media can be an amazing platform for other companies that are in pursuit of big productions with high quality.
After establishing professional animation and VFX studios for Stunning, Eshragh began the pre-production of three unique animated feature films.
Further  detailed information about these projects will be presented in our website.